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AR-10 Parts & Tools

AR-10, PRI, Charging Handle, Gas Buster, Big Latch, SR25, Barrel Nut, Torque Wrench, Forearm, Upper Assembly Vise Block

NcStar M14 / M1A, AR-10, FN/FAL H&K 91/G3/CETME Speed Loader

FN/FAL, M14/M1A, AR-10, H&K91/G3/CETME Speed
Loader for Detachable .308 magazines (7.62x51 NATO)
Load Magazines Quickly and Efficiently using this Speed Loader and Stripper Clips (not included)








Item Number Price  
AFNLA $24.00


Lula M1A / M14 & AR-10  .308 Speedloader

peed load / Unload your .308 mags for your M1 / M1A and AR-10 Mags With Rear Catch

No more sore thumb!!!


Mag Not Included



Item Number Price  
24220 $26.00


Lula Armalite AR-10 – 7.62 x 51mm / .308 Win. Magazine Loader And Unloader

Armalite AR10B GenII  LULA™  7.62 / .308 magazine loader and unloader.

Fits 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 round AR10B Gen. II Armalite metal magazines.

All-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader !

bulletSimple to use in either mode
bulletEliminates thumb pain and injury
bulletEliminates wear on feed lips
bulletProlongs magazine life
bulletLightweight and fits in pocket
bulletReliable in all weather
bulletDurable reinforced polymer
bulletTested and combat proven

Note: Some AR10B magazine’s follower tilting problems may require releasing stuck rounds by hand.

Magazine & Ammo not Included

Item Number Price  
LU23B $23.00


.308 Stripper Clips 20 Pack

.308 Stripper clips come clips per package.  Each clip holds 10 rounds for a total of 200 rounds. Ammo Not Included.

Item Number Price  
AFNC $10.00


PRI 308 Gas Buster® Charging Handle w/ Military Latch

SR25 Charging Handle with Big Military Latch for the family of 308 AR's Armalite, DPMS, KAC - M-84L Gas Buster® charging handle - featuring the big latch increases safety by inhibiting harmful blowback gases and oil particles from striking the shooter.

PRi Gas Buster® charging handle is constructed of T6 6061 hard coat black anodized aluminum with a steel latch. Handle does not work on Rock River 308s.

Made In The USA

SR25 Charging Handle For AR10

Item Number Price  
03-072-05 $90.00


PRI M84 Gas Buster® Charging Handle w/ Flat Latch

SR25 Charging Handle for the family of 308 AR's Armalite, DPMS, KAC - M-84L Gas Buster® charging handle - featuring the Flat latch increases safety by inhibiting harmful blowback gases and oil particles from striking the shooter's face and glasses.

PRi Gas Buster® charging handle is constructed of T7 7075 hard coat black anodized aluminum with a steel latch. Handle does not work on Rock River 308s.

Made In The USA

Item Number Price  
03-072-04 $87.00


PRI Barrel Nut Torq Wrench for AR10

The Barrel Nut Torq Wrench for AR10 Rifles. This wrench will NOT work on the Armalite A2 barrel nut. This wrench allows the shooter to put the exact amount of pressure needed on the barrel nut while attaching the barrel to the receiver.

This wrench is constructed of 3/8" steel with 4 pins with the AR10 hole pattern. Works with any 3/8 or 1/2 drive torque wrench.

Made In The USA

Barrel Nut Torq Wrench for AR10

Item Number Price  
03-0085 $20.00 Out Of Stock


PRI Assembly Gen III AR10 Forearm Wrench

Gen III AR10 Forearm Wrench for assembling carbon fiber forearm to upper receiver.

Wrench is constructed of steel and designed to tighten the forearm collar to the forearm tube

Made In The USA


Assembly GenIII AR10 Forearm Wrench

Item Number Price  
03-0081 $13.00


PRI AR10 Upper Assembly Vise Block

The AR10 /AR15 upper assembly block is used to hold the upper for cleaning or roughing in a new sight. The upper is held into place with two receiver pins.

The assembly block is constructed of hard coat black anodized aluminum with steel retention pins.

Made In The USA

AR10 Upper Assembly Vise Block

Item Number Price  
03-0084 $51.00


Wheeler Delta Series AR10 Mag Well Vise Block

The Delta Series AR-10 Mag Well Vise Block is quite possibly the handiest tool an AR-10 owner could ask for.  Designed for use with the Tipton® Best Gun ViseTM, this center support slides into the magazine well and provides a steady base for cleaning or light gunsmithing on your AR-10, in either breech or closed position.  Users without a Best Gun Vise can mount the Mag Well Vise Block directly to their bench top with the included fasteners.  Loaded with handy features, this tool is a must have for anyone with an AR-10.

bulletSupports AR-10 for cleaning & light gunsmithing operations
bulletDesigned for use with Tipton® Best Gun ViseTM, mounts to center rail with included fasteners
bulletAlso designed to mount to your bench top, with the included fasteners
bulletInnovative bolt service station locks bolt in for servicing extractor pin
bulletCenter section rotates 180° (in 7° increments) and locks into place at desired location
bulletLocks into place using magazine lock on your receiver
bulletBuilt-in hammer stop prevents damage to lower receiver
bulletSolvent-resistant polymer provides durability and is non-marring to surfaces
bulletMag well arm is removable for clamping in a bench vise when additional rigidity is required



Item Number Price  
146200 $22.00


PRI AR15 - M16 Aluminum Barrel Nut

Gen III forearms replacement Barrel nut Steel

Constructed of high strength steel with a parkerized finish. Id of barrel nut is 1.02

Made In The USA

Item Number Price  
05-074-01 $32.00


CMMG .308 AR lower Parts Kit

Complete lower Parts Kit for .308



Made In The USA


Item Number Price  
38CA6DC $82.00


CMMG MK3 Lower Parts Kit .308 Caliber California Compliant

MK3 .308 lower parts kit with bullet button.

MK3 .308 lower parts kit with bullet button.

The California compliant kit includes:
Takedown pin
Receiver pivot pin
Takedown pin detent (2)
Takedown pin detent spring (2)
Bolt catch
Bolt catch plunger
Bolt catch spring pin
Bolt catch spring
Buffer retainer
Buffer retainer spring
Hammer & trigger pin (2)
Hammer spring
Trigger spring
Disconnect spring
Magazine catch
Magazine catch spring
Magazine release "Bullet Button"
Round aluminum nut
Trigger guard assembly
Trigger guard pivot spring pin
Safety selector
Selector detent
Selector detent spring
Lock washer
Pistol grip screw
Pistol grip

Made In The USA

Item Number Price  
38CA68E $90.00


DPMS .308 Lower Parts Kit

Includes the following lower receiver parts:
bulletPistol Grip
bulletBolt Catch Spring
bulletDetent Spring
bulletBolt Catch Buffer
bulletTake Down Detent
bulletBolt Catch
bulletMagazine Catch Spring
bullet.308 Bolt Catch Screw
bulletMagazine Catch Button
bulletMagazine Catch
bullet.308 Front Pivot Pin
bulletHammer Spring
bulletTrigger Spring
bulletPistol Grip Screw
bulletPistol Grip Lock Washer
bulletSelector Spring
bulletDetent Selector
bulletHammer Pin
bulletTrigger Pin
bullet.308 Take Down Pin
bulletBuffer Retainer Pin
bulletBuffer Retainer Spring
bulletDisconnector Spring

Made In The USA

Item Number Price  
LRPK-308 $72.00
Enidine AR-10/.308 AR-Restor Hydraulic Recoil Buffer Full Stock
AR-Restor Hydraulic .308 Full Stock Buffer. This buffer replaces buffers that are 5Ľ” long. This is the best buffer on the market today. It provides reduced felt recoil, improved accuracy, reduced fire rate, suppressed bold bounce and protects your valuable optics. The Enidine AR-Restor offers greatly enhanced performance through an easy-to-install drop-in replacement buffer in your fullstock .308. This buffer offers the same dependability and improvements that Enidine provided to US and NATO forces. The AR-Restor greatly reduces felt recoil and improves accuracy. By cushioning the rearward travel of the bolt carrier, the AR-Restor virtually eliminates muzzle rise allowing the operator faster, more accurate follow-up shots. For full-auto weapons, the AR-Restor slows the cyclic rate allowing the barrel to stay cooler and last longer. With the Enidine AR-Restor, achieve the full potential from your weapons system.


Item Number Price  
EARR-10FS $110.00




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