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AR-15 / M16 Slings And Mounting  Equipment

We offer AR-15 / M16 Accessories Tactical Slings, Web Slings, Rifle Slings, Sling Swivels, Swivel Studs, Side Sling, Side Plate Adaptor, End Plate Adaptor, Loop Style, Slot Style, Assault Rifle, Midwest, UTG, Leapers, Advanced Technologies

Command Arms 3 Point Sling

• Proven three point sling design
• Wraps around handguard, Velcro secured and attaches to collapsible stock
• Quick release buckle detaches sling from operator instantly
• Fully adjustable
• Totally ambidextrous
• Constructed from 1 1/2" ballistic nylon


Item Number Description Price  
TPS Command Arms 3 Point Sling $30.00


Command Arms 1 Point Sling

Ideal for close quarters combat, allows easy movement when operating inside tight spaces. Maintains its structure and provides a comfortable carry option.

bulletFully adjustable sling fits all body sizes.
bulletSide release buckle allows for quick release if sling encounters interference with objects.
bulletStrong metal carabiner for easy attachment.
bulletHigh density bungee cord and carabiner are covered to reduce noise and wear
bulletSling can be worn on back freeing hands for the other tasks.
bulletSling easily snaps onto many mounting locations.

Part #: OPS
Fits: Sling Mount
Made of : Nylon

Weight (oz): 4.8
OPS Max Loop (in.): 60”
OPS1 Max Loop (in.): 70”




Item Number Description Price  
OPS Command Arms 1 Point Sling $33.00


UTG Single Point Sling

High Strength 1.25" Nylon Webbing for Maximum Durability
• Heavy-duty Metal Lock Hoop for Secured Attachment and Speedy Deployment
• Durable Heavy-duty Elliptical Bungee for Close Body Carry and Easy Weapon Handling
• Adjustable from 42" to 58" Sling Length to Accommodate All Body Sizes and Gear Types
• Equipped with Additional Single Point Sling Adaptor Strap and Stock Adaptor Strap for Multiple Weapon Attachment Options

Item Number Price  
PVC-GB505B-A $28.00


NcStar Single Point Bungee Sling

bulletHeavy Duty, Fully Adjustable, Single Point Sling.
bulletHeavy Duty Bungee Cord for Complete Comfort and Stability.
bulletSingle Point Clamp Attachment will fit AR Style Single Point Yoke Rings





Item Number Price  
AARS1P $12.00


NcStar 2  Point Bungee Sling

bulletThe New NcStar Two Point Tactical Sling System is here to Handle Whatever the Mission Calls for.
bulletSet this Sling up in a Dedicated Two Point, Single Point or Convertible from One to Two Point Configuration.
bulletExtra Wide Webbing and Elastic Bungee provide Extreme Comfort and Durability.
bulletFully Adjustable Straps for a Perfect Fit.
bulletComes complete with two Mount Adaptors and one Dual Mount Adaptor for a Myriad of Configurations




Item Number   Price  
AARS2PB NcStar 2 Point Bungee Sling- Black $12.00
AARS2PG NcStar 2 Point Bungee Sling- OD Green $12.00


Delta Tactical MOLLE Sling (3 Configurations)

The Delta Tactical Sling was first designed to be an improvement on the average single point MOLLE vest sling out there. It then slowly evolved to become that and more. With 3 different configurations, including a single point MOLLE vest sling, a regular single point sling, and a tactical two point quick adjust sling, it is easily the most versatile, well-built, affordable sling on the market.



Available in Black, Coyote, or OD Green

Single Point Configuration- MOLLE Vest

Can also be easily converted to a 2 point sling



Weapon can easily be shouldered strong or weak side in this configuration

Can also be easily converted to a 2 point sling

Detaches from MOLLE vest quickly and easily

Can be reconfigured into regular single point sling


Can also be easily converted to a 2 point sling

Item Number Description Price  
DELTABLACK Rocky Mountain Tactical Delta Tactical Sling Black $38.00 Out Of Stock
DELTACOYOTE Rocky Mountain Tactical Delta Tactical Sling Coyote $38.00 Out Of Stock
DELTAODGREEN Rocky Mountain Tactical Delta Tactical Sling OD Green $38.00


Y Tactical MOLLE Sling

The Single Point MOLLE Sling is capable of only one configuration on it's own. It was what the Delta Tactical Sling was to be, before we expanded it's versatility. For those with no use for a regular single point or a 2-point quick adjust sling, this is the sling for you. Comes with one loop adapter, two female adapters (for attaching to the MOLLE vest), and the "Y" adapter.

Made to be used specifically with a vest, this sling distributes the weight of the weapon well allowing for ease and comfort while carrying for prolonged periods of time as well as making it easy to deploy the weapon quickly and from either strong or support side.

Available in Black, Coyote, or OD Green

Single Point Configuration - MOLLE vest

Weapon can easily be shouldered strong or weak side in this configuration

Detaches from MOLLE vest quickly and easily

Detaches from MOLLE vest quickly and easily

Item Number Description Price  
YMOLLEBLACK Rocky Mountain Tactical Y Tactical MOLLE Sling Black $27.50 Out Of Stock
YMOLLECOYOTE Rocky Mountain Tactical Y Tactical MOLLE Sling  Coyote $27.50
YMOLLEODGREEN Rocky Mountain Tactical Y Tactical MOLLE Sling OD Green $27.50


Summit Tactical Sling

The Summit Tactical Sling is made with the highest quality materials. 1 1/4" nylon webbing (very strong and very comfortable material) and it comes with two Loop Adapters. Lifetime warranty included (for use in intended purpose only).

Performs as either a tactical single point or a tactical two point sling. The sling adjusts very quickly and easily without excess webbing. It is also ambidextrous. One sling, everything you need!

Available in Black, Coyote, or OD Green

Single Point Configuration

Quick Release

2 Point Configuration. Pull Inside Loop Away From Your Body To Quickly Loosening

Switch Shoulders For Most Effective Two-Point Use. Grab Tightening Strap and Pull Towards You to Tighten.

Item Number Description Price  
SUMMITBLACK Rocky Mountain Tactical Summit Tactical Sling Black $31.00
SUMMITCOYOTE Rocky Mountain Tactical Summit Tactical Sling Coyote $31.00
SUMMITODGREEN Rocky Mountain Tactical Summit Tactical Sling OD Green $31.00


2 Point Quick Adjust Sling

The 2-Point Quick Adjust Sling is a tactical two point sling utilizing the same 2-point characteristics as the 2-point sling shown in the Delta Tactical Sling configuration, minus the "Y" piece and it's accompanying female adapters. Purchasing of this sling alone will give you only one sling configuration, 2-point. It comes with two Loop Adapters and the quick adjusting main strap.

Available in Black, Coyote, or OD Green





Item Number Description Price  
2POINTBLACK Rocky Mountain Tactical 2 Point Quick Adjust Sling Black $27.00
2POINTCOYOTE Rocky Mountain Tactical 2 Point Quick Adjust Sling Coyote $27.00
2POINTODGREEN Rocky Mountain Tactical 2 Point Quick Adjust Sling OD Green $27.00


UTG 3-Point Tactical Rifle Sling

• Fully Adjustable with Non-slip Grip and Excellent Quality Metal Snap Hook
• Easy Adjustment Provides Different Lengths for Various Shooting Positions
• Allows For Quick and Smooth Actions in Response to Field Scenarios
• Versatile Straps with Separate Adaptable Strap Loops Offer Various 360o Degree Non-interfering Ways to Carry Weapon at Battle-ready Positions
• Great for Close Encounter and Battlefield Operations

Weight: 0.5 lb
Material: PP Webbing
Color: Black

Item Number Price  
PVC-GB501 $14.00


UTG Universal Rifle Sling

Deluxe Universal Rifle Sling with Non-slip Grip(1 ½ ")

Weight: 0.4 lb
Material: PP Webbing
Color: Black



Item Number Price  
PVC-GB605 $10.00


Adv Tech AR-15 Sling Adaptor
Fits round or mil-spec handguards. Swivel included.

•Laser Etched Sling Swivel
•Includes Swivel Stud
•Fits Round Mil-Spec Handguards
•Easy Installation
•Virtually Indestructible
•Manufactured in the USA
•Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fits Most AR-15 Polymer Forends

Made In the USA

Item Number Price  
ARA1700 $8.00


PRI Collapsible Butt Stock Swivel Mount

The Collapsible butt stock mount is designed to fit into the stock and provide a location to attach a sling swivel.

Constructed of hard coated black anodized aluminum, comes with push button release sling swivel.


Made In the USA


Collapsible Butt Stock Swivel Mount

Item Number Price  
05-0063 $45.00


UTG Detachable Swivel with Picatinny/ Weaver Mounting Base

• Precision Aircraft Aluminum Base with Black Anodizing
• Solid Steel 1 1/4" Loop for Convenient Sling Attachment
• Tool Free Ergonomic Thumb Nut with Retention Design
• Fits Any Picatinny/Weaver Rail

Material: Steel
Weight: 1.3 oz
Color: Black





Item Number Price  
TL-SWMTP01 $13.00


Mag-Pul RSA®-QD - Rail Sling Attachment

The RSA-QD provides a forward attachment point for the Magpul MS4 Sling and other push-button QD slings. Made from corrosion resistant steel, mounts on 1913 Picatinny rail, and places the attachment point at an angle optimized for comfortable two-point sling use while maintaining easy push-button access.

Made in U.S.A.






Item Number Price  
MAG337 $26.00


Lion Gears Picatinny/Weaver Base Single Point Sling Hook Mount with Dia. 7mm Offset Hole













Item Number Price  
TL-SW077 $10.00


Tapco AR-15 End Plate Sling Adaptor

Looking for a way to attach a single point sling to your AR? With the End Plate Sling Adaptor we give you just that. Replace your original locking plate with this and you have a perfect attachment point. This high strength end plate is constructed of heat treated alloy steel and finished with a Mil-Spec black manganese phosphate finish. The unique "no bind" ambidextrous attachment opening allows for 180° range of motion for a smooth transition from one shoulder to the other. You won't have to worry about interference; the slim design also ensures that it will not interfere with your hand or other gear while shooting. 

bulletDesigned to replace the original End Plate on your AR
bulletManufactured from heat treated alloy steel
bulletFinished in a Mil-Spec black manganese phosphate finish
bullet"no bind" ambidextrous sling attachment opening allows 180 degree range of motion
bullet100% U.S. Made


Item Number Price  
AR09107 $13.00


UTG Model 4/15 Collapsible Stock Receiver Plate with Ambidextrous Sling Adaptor


• Robust Steel Construction with Wear Resistant Matte Black Finish
• Adaptor Features Dual Optimally Shaped Sling Loops to Accommodate Ambidextrous Strap and Metal Hook Sling Applications
• Compatible with Most Sling Hooks on the Market





Item Number Price  
TL-T6TD02 $9.00


PRI Sling Swivel Push Button Release

Sling swivel with push button.

Steel sling swivel with a 1.25" ID loop


Made In the USA


Sling Swivel Push Button Release

Item Number Price  
05-070-71 $18.00


PRI Screw In Swivel Stud

Screw on steel swivel stud.




Made In the USA


Screw In Swivel Stud.

Item Number Price  
05-070-72 $4.00




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