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M14 / M1A Scope Mounts

We offer mounts for the M14 and M1A by Amega Ranges and UltiMAK . Accepts weaver rings and allows use of your existing sights. Increase accuracy with a compact or full length scope. Tri Rail mount now available allowing you to attach flashlights and lasers to your M14!!!
UTG M14/M1A 4-Point Locking Scope Mount

• New Gen Mil-spec Quality Deluxe Sniper Mount for M14/M1A Rifles
• Over 6" Fully Picatinny-complied 15-slotted Top Rail with the Rear End Locks into the Charger Guide Dovetail
• One Piece Machined from Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy with Black Matte Finish
• Side Plate Features Locking Point, Horizontal Bottom Guide and Adjustable Side Screw to Provide A Rock Solid Foundation
• Accepts Weaver Style Rings and Allows Use of Iron Sight
• Installs Easily, No Gun-smithing Required





Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5.7 oz
Pieces: 1
Rail Type: Picatinny/Weaver
No. of Rails: 1
Length: 6.1 inch
Width: 1.6 inch
Height: 1.8 inch


Item Number Price  
MNT-914V2 $32.00


S&K M-1A and M14 Scope Mount 

Fits any manufacturer

Fits Left Side

No Other Work Required

Does NOT Include Scope

#1765 Includes 1" S&K Style Rings

#1770 Fits Weaver Rings NOT INCLUDED

Made In The USA!!!








Item Number Description Price  
1765 S&K M-1A and M14 Scope Mount w/S&K Style 1 Inch Rings $108.00
1770 S&K M-1A and M14 Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included $87.00


Mini-Scout-Mount™ for US M14-M1A Rifle

This rifle was the inspiration for the Ruger® Mini-14 & 30™. It can now be quickly and easily upgraded with the latest sight system technology (Aimpoint®, Holosights, red-dots, etc.) or fitted with pistol or scout type scopes. Just remove the trigger assembly, stock, and hand guard, then follow the simple instructions. It also accepts the Tactical Light Mount Kit for quick and reliable attachment of most tactical flashlights (Streamlight M3 and M6, etc.) and other lighting/sighting accessories.

This model fits ONLY US Mil-spec barrels, including the 16-inch SOCOM type (without scout mount). NO heavy barrels, “Loaded” M1A’s with their medium-heavy barrels, or Chinese manufactured barrels will fit.

This mount will not preclude the use of iron sights, or interfere with receiver-mounted scope bases. 

Made In The USA

Item Number Description Price  
AMEGAScout5 Amega Mini-Scout Mount for M1-A SOCOM/SCOUT/BUSH   Fits the heavier Springfield Armory barrels $300.00

Amega Ranges Tactical Light Kit - Sold Separately Below

AmegaRanges scout mounts will accept 2 rails.

Provides an easy way to add additional Picatinny equipment mounting rails to the Amega Mini-Scout mount. (Will NOT fit Ultimak scout mounts)

This accessory fits all models of the Mini-Scout-Mount™ allowing the shooter to quickly attach most makes of tactical flashlights, laser sights, IR illuminators, and other accessories.  It is easily installed on either side for right or left-handed shooters (or both sides for two accessories)  and in different positions for use of larger accessories. It is secured to the mount body with two screws and the wrench provided. 

Standard Glock/Weaver


The 1913 Picatinny Short 2.0 model is 2.0 inches long and secured by two 8-32 screws.

Weight - 0.9 ounces

1913 Pictatinny 2.0


The 1913 Picatinny LONG model is 3.95 inches in length, features a full-length Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail and is secured by five 8-32 screws.

Weight - 1.5 ounces


Mount Shown With Light Holder and Flashlight (not included)

Item Number Description Price  
AMEGA PLK Amega Short Picatinny Rail Tactical Light Mounting Kit for Amega Ranges Scout Mounts. One Rail Only


AMEGA LPLK Amega Long Picatinny Rail Tactical Light Mounting Kit for Amega Ranges Scout Mounts. One Rail Only



Amega Ranges Tactical Sling Mount Adaptor

This rugged accessory provides a low-profile sling mounting point for 1.25" web slings and has a .25" hole for H&K type quick detachable sling snaps. It can be mounted under the Tactical Light Mount Kit or alone on the left or right side of any model of Mini-Scout-Mount™.

Made of durable blued steel, it installs quickly and easily with the screws and tool provided. This is a quick and easy way to set up your sling for traditional over the shoulder carry, or in a tactical cross chest-muzzle down position. Weight 1.0 oz.

For Use on the Amega Ranges Scout Mounts - Sling NOT included Made In The USA

Item Number   Price  
TSMA Amega Ranges Tactical Sling Mount Adaptor $20.00


Amega Ranges Detachable Sling Mounting Kit

This exceptionally handy accessory provides a convenient sling mounting point for all standard quick detachable sling swivels. It will fit on any model of Mini-Scout-Mount™ on either the left or right side, and is easily attached with the tool provided. This is a quick and easy way to set up your sling for traditional over the shoulder carry, or in a tactical cross chest-muzzle down position.

Made with an anodized aluminum body, blued steel swivel stud and screws, and tested to support over 200 lbs. Weight 0.75 oz.

For Use on the Amega Ranges Scout Mounts - Sling NOT included                  Made In The USA              

Item Number Price  
DSMK $25.00


UltiMAK M-14 / M1A Forward Optic Mount 1913 (Picatinny) style rail
1913 (Picatinny) style rail
Fits Standard weight barrels only*

Ultra-low mounting allows co witnessing and an improved cheek weld - no need for a comb riser. Clamps directly to barrel for maximum stability and accuracy. Allows use of Intermediate Eye Relief (IER) "Scout" scope, pistol scopes, reflex sights, and holographic weapon sights. Comes complete with screws, barrel clamps, recoil lug, Allen wrenches, and easy instructions. No gunsmithing or alterations required. Fits original, standard weight barrel profile (H&R, Springfield, TRW, etc.).

M-14 Scope Mount


Forward, low mounting configuration with a generous length Picatinny type rail. This shows the M8 on a Springfield standard model M1A, topped with the Leupold "Scout" scope-- Elegance, grace, power, and innovation rooted in the experiences of history.

Made In The USA

M1A Forward Optic Mount with Leupold Scout scope

This is by far the lowest, most stable optic mount available for the M-14 / M1A, and since it replaces the entire handguard, it does not require a new or modified handguard. The 1913 style (Picatinny/Weaver) rail sits lower than the factory iron sights, providing a better, more natural cheek weld for rapid target acquisition and natural point of aim, without the need for a comb riser. Now for the first time ever, you can co witness the factory M-14/M1A iron sights with tube bodied, reflex sights such as Aimpoint or Trijicon Tripower. The entirely unobstructive mount can remain in place whether or not you're using optics. The forward positioning allows faster targeting with better field of view, very forgiving eye relief, greater mounting versatility, and full access to the receiver mechanism and stripper clip guide with optics in place. The rifle can be easily and completely field stripped without removing the mount or the optic.
No-gunsmithing installation - the M8 mount can be installed in the field by anyone who can read the instructions and use the supplied Allen wrenches. Fits standard weight M-14 and M1A barrels only. Works as a drop-in installation with any wood or synthetic stock. Completely CNC machined from super strong 6061-T6 aluminum, bead blasted and Mil Spec hard anodized for a matte black finish that will hold up to years of hard use. The barrel clamps and recoil lug are made of 4142 chrome/molly steel with a satin black phosphate finish. This is the mount that should have come with the M-14 from the beginning.
UltiMAK - Take your best shot

*Compatibility: The UltiMAK M8 mount fits only standard, GI spec barrels. In the current Springfield line-up, the compatible models are; M1A Standard, M1A Scout Squad, SOCOM 16, and SOCOM II. The "Loaded Standard" and all of their "Match" and "Tactical" models have heavier-than-standard barrels, which will not allow M8 mount installation. Chinese M1A clones have standard barrels and fit nicely with the M8 mount. If your M-14 or M1A does not fit any of the above descriptions, you should call the manufacturer and ask if the barrel is of standard M-14 outer diameter specs, including the size and location of the op-rod guide. As a side note; the original U.S. military production "National Match" M-14s had standard weight barrels. Among the differences was that the bore tolerances were halved.
Item Number Price  
M8 $199.00



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