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SKS Scope Mounts

Great SKS Scope mounts for you favorite SKS rifle including see-thru mounts from Leapers and B-Square that can be paired up with great compact rifle scopes to give your SKS rifle a mean look and a great advantage!!!!!

 Leapers SKS Hi-Profile Scope Mount
• New Generation Rock Solid SKS Integral Ring Mount
• Designed with Optimal Clearance to Fit All 1” Mini and Full Size Scopes Right onto the Top of the Bore Centerline
• All Edges Machined with Proper Contours for Maximum Strength and Stability
• Allows Installation of Shell Deflector Item #MNT-6608 SOLD SEPARATELY - NOT INCLUDED)


Material: Steel
Weight: 9.1 oz
Pieces: 2
Length: 4.9 inch
Width: 1.8 inch
Height: 3 inch

See thru design with 1" Rings included, Stabilizing screws for optimal stabilization. No drilling or tapping required- simply replaces upper receiver. Some final fitting may be required (hand filing of front tangs on mount - no alteration to gun) for a perfect fit due to varied manufacturing tolerances in the rifle. Some Chinese SKS rifles have a dovetail mount on the left side of the receiver which must be removed before installation. 

MNT-T640 Can be used with Shell Deflector Item #MNT-6608 SOLD SEPARATELY - NOT INCLUDED


Item Number Price  
MNT-T640 $32.00


UTG PRO SKS Receiver Cover Picatinny Platform

• Proudly Designed and Completely Made in USA to Meet the Most Rigorous Requirements
• Precision Casted and Machined High-strength Steel Base
• Top Rail with Integral Shell Deflector Precision Machined from Aircraft Aluminum with Matte Black Anodizing
• Full Length 22 Slot Picatinny Rail Allows for Flexible Optics Applications, from Compact to Full Size
• Innovative Shell Deflector Design with Plenty of Ventilation to Protect Optics and Shooter
• Low Profile See-thru Tunnel in Top Rail for Use with Iron Sights
• Simple Installation with Repeatable 4-Point Rock Solid Locking onto the Receiver
• Precise Alignment and Great Zero Holding
• Extensively Tested and Certified by Field Experts

Made In the USA






Material: Steel/Aluminum
Weight: 12.1 oz
Pieces: 1
Rail Type: Picatinny/Weaver
No. of Rails: 1
Length: 9.06 inch
Width: 2.11 inch
Height: 1.72 inch

Item Number Price  
MTU017 $99.00


UTG SKS Scope Shield

• Add-on Accessory to Deflect Flying Shells and to Prevent them from Hitting People and Objects
• Fits SKS Style Rifles
• Compatible with SKS Tri-Rails and Hi-Pro Mounts
• Matte Black Finish



For Use On MNT-T640 and MNT-T640TR



Item Number Price  
TL-SDSK01 $10.00


TAPCO SKS Scope Shield

Constructed of steel, the TAPCO SKS Scope Shield is built for years of shooting. Its universal design allows our deflector to interface with most receiver scope mounts on the market, including the Tri Rail Receiver Cover Mount. Once properly installed, it prevents damage to optics and loss of weapon’s zero by deflecting spent cartridge casings. Marked TAPCO USA.

Made In The USA

For Use On MNT-T640 and MNT-T640TR

MNT-6608 Shown On MNT-T640

MNT-6608 Shown On MNT-T640TR With Scope

Item Number Price  
MNT-6608 (16675) $10.00


NcStar AK-47 / SKS Shell Deflector

AK-47 and SKS Shell Deflector
Attaches to AK/SKS rear sights
Protects Optics from being struck by extracted casings
Weight: 1.31 oz.






Item Number Price  
ASKSD $6.00


SKS Receiver Cover Pin

Replacement pin for the pin located on the lower receiver that goes through and secures the upper receiver.



Item Number Price  
ASKSP $6.50

S&K SKS Type 56 Scope Mount

Fits any manufacturer

Dust Cover Pin Replaced By Bolt

No Other Work Required

Does NOT Include Scope

#3465 Includes 1" S&K Style Rings

2.5" between rings

Made In The USA!!!

Item Number Description Price  
3465 S&K SKS Type 56 Scope Mount w/S&K Style 1 Inch Rings $97.00


S&K SKS DT 465 Scope Mount

Drilling and tapping required

Includes 1" S&K Style Rings

Scope Not included

Made In The USA!!!





Item Number Description Price  
DT465 S&K SKS DT 465 Scope Mount w/S&K Style 1 Inch Rings $74.00


Brass Stacker SKS See Thru Scout Scope Mount

Scope your SKS while preserving its historic integrity.

"ANCHOR POINT" Series - See Through Design

Innovative “Anchor Point” design provides superior mount stability
See-thru design for continued use of fixed iron sights
No permanent modification of firearm required*
Allows for complete field stripping without mount removal*
Will not interfere with stripper clip use*
Does not contact stock
Casing Deflector available for long tube optics
Rigid all steel construction, includes 5/16” x 3-5/16” Picatinny Rail
Cross bolt nut spanner wrench is included
Unit comes loosely reassembled
Made in America with a 100% Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty




*Please note certain restrictions as follows: 

Mount for use with original wooden stocks or TAPCO synthetic stocks ONLY. ***Cross bolt drill templates for TAPCO stocks are not yet available but will be available soon.***

 It will NOT work with ATI® or ANY OTHER synthetic stocks. Permanent modification of stock IS required for use with TAPCO synthetic stock.

 Lack of “interference” applies to “mount” only. Optic interference (with disassembly of gas tube or use of stripper clip) may occur depending on optic type, optic length/diameter, ring height, etc. Compact, red dot or reflex type optics can typically be positioned avoiding any interference. Stripper clips CANNOT be used in conjunction with Casing Deflector. PLEASE READ FITMENT NOTES BEFORE PURCHASING! If you intend to use a long tube optic, the Casing Deflector  (model # SKSCD) is highly recommended. Sold SEPERATLY below






FEATURES: Product provides for the mounting of scout scope, red dot / reflex type or other long eye relief (LER) optics to SKS rifles without the need to drill and tap the receiver or make any permanent modifications to firearm. It is designed to use the cross bolt (sometimes referred to as the recoil lug) as the primary attachment point and securely installs over rear sight block.


some text Russian 45 some text Chinese Type 56 (Non-Norinco)

some text Yugoslavian 59/66

Unit is shipped with a variant specific cross bolt.








SPECIFICATIONS: The mount will accommodate a front to back (horizontal) distance of approximately 1-5/8" to 1-3/4" from the center of the cross bolt to the center of the rear sight block ladder pivot. It also allows for an up and down (vertical) distance of approximately 1-9/16" to 1-15/16" from the same. The total weight mount, picatinny rail and hardware is 5.8 oz. However, the net weight increase is only 5.5 oz. due to the replacement of the original cross bolt and nut.

UNIT: Mount: 1) CNC laser cut perimeter, die punched holes and mounting slots, form tapped threads and die press formed. 1/8" (11 ga.) thick HR, P&O type CS-B A569 carbon steel; 40000 psi yield strength. Black oxide plated. Picatinny Rail: 1) CNC machined to MIL-STD-1913, 3-5/16" long, HR ATSM A36 low carbon steel; 36000 psi yield strength. Black oxide plated. Cross Bolt: 1) 12L14 alloy steel. Black oxide plated. Spanner Nuts: 2) 12L14 alloy steel. Black oxide plated.

HARDWARE: Set Screws: 2)#10-32 x 1, 2)#6-32 x 3/4", 3)#3-48 x 5/16". Lock Washers: 2)#10 Ext tooth, 2)#10 Int tooth, 2)#6 Ext tooth, 2)#6 Int tooth. Flat Washers: 2)#10, 2)#6. Shims: 4) 7/16" x 5/16" x 1/32". Nuts: 2)#10-32 Hex, 2)#6-32 Hex.

TOOLS PROVIDED: Wrench: 1) 3/32" Hex wrench - steel; 1) 1/16" Hex wrench - steel; 1) .050 Hex wrench - steel; 1) 1/2" Hex body cross bolt nut spanner wrench - steel, black oxide finish; Complete installation instructions are supplied.




We have made every reasonable effort to ensure that this product will fit the majority of SKS rifle variants (Russian 45, Chinese Type 56 [non Norinco], Yugoslavian 59/66, etc.). However, due to the large number of these firearms produced over many years around the world, it is impossible for us to allow for all manufacturing variation. This mount will NOT work for NORINCO SKS's. Proper tightening of all hardware should result in no movement of the mount during normal firing recoil.


Safety glasses, solid work surface or vise, 3/8" hex wrench, 5/16" hex wrench, hammer and punch. A 9/32" drill is required for installation in TAPCO synthetic stock.


Any scope and/or mount that suffers an impact, should not be trusted to be accurate. If you feel your mount has been compromised, you can still use your original open iron sights. Design subject to change without prior notice.

Caution! Improper installation or use may result in damage to property, severe injury, or loss of life. If for any reason this product does not function properly, discontinue use immediately. Always practice proper SAFETY and ensure an UNLOADED condition before beginning installation.

Optional Shell Deflector Sold Separately Below

Item Number Description Price  
SKSSSMR Brass Stacker SKS See Through Scout Scope Mount For Russian 45 $94.00
SKSSSMC Brass Stacker SKS See Through Scout Scope Mount For Chinese 56 (Non Norinco) $94.00
SKSSSMY Brass Stacker SKS See Through Scout Scope Mount For Yugo 59/66 $94.00

Spent Casing Deflector for SKS rifles equipped with Brass Stacker™ SKS Scout Scope Mount ONLY

Fits models:





Made In the USA






Item Number Price  
SKSCD $14.00



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