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Uncle Mike's Pocket Holsters

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We offer a full line of products from Uncle Mikes including Uncle Mike's Concealed Carry Holsters, Uncle Mikes Tactical Holsters, Uncle Mikes Holsters for Scoped Handguns, Uncle Mikes Holsters for all kinds of handguns including holsters for Glock, holster for Ruger, holsters for Colt, holsters for Smith and Wesson, Uncle Mikes Radio Cases, Uncle Mikes Duty Belt Accessories and much more

Uncle Mikes Pocket Holsters

Laminated construction conceals outline of gun, cushions leg from sharp contours of gun

bulletLessens print-through and recognition of gun carried inside pants or jacket pocket
bulletOpen-top holster prevents movement of gun levers, buttons or catches common to loose pocket carry
bulletKeeps lint, coins, or other objects from fouling gun or hindering draw
bulletGrip-up positioning allows conventional shooting grip to be established before draw is made
bulletHolster shape helps protect the guide hammer, frame or slide during draw
bulletHolster body made of a soft suede-like material, open and closed cell foam padding and a smooth nylon lining, all in a waterproof laminate
bulletLaminated construction conceals outline of gun, cushions leg from sharp contours of gun and provides a barrier against perspiration
bulletOne-inch wide strap of non-slip material surrounds holster body to retain holster in pocket when gun is drawn



Order Number


Product Specifications

UMK87441 Uncle Mike's Pocket Holster for Small autos (.22 - .25 cal.) Size: 1 $15.00
UMK87442 Uncle Mike's Pocket Holster for Most .380s Size: 2 $15.00
UMK87443 Uncle Mike's Pocket Holster for 2 inch 5-shot revolvers; Sigma .380 Size: 3 $15.00
UMK87444 Uncle Mike's Pocket Holster for Most compact 9mm autos Size: 4 $15.00



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