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New! AK-47 Wood Stock Set For Stamped Receivers

Posted by TCS on 4/24/2019 to Product Spotlight

Check out these beautiful AK-47 wood stock sets that have just arrived. These sets will give your AK-47 an original look in a gorgeous laminate wood.

These new, wooden laminate AK-47 stocks come in a four piece set which includes the buttstock, upper handguard, lower handguard, gas tube, and pistol grip. They are also available without the gas tube.
This furniture set fits AK-47 stamped receivers only and will NOT fit the Yugo.
AK-47 Original Wood Stock Set
Stock Set Includes:
-Upper Handguard
-Lower Handguard with Gas Tube (also available without gas tube)
-Pistol Grip
-Condition: Brand new
-High gloss laminate
For those that like the original look and feel of a wood stock, these are a great choice. Most AK-47’s these days have a composite stock. These wood stock sets are excellent quality and a great value. Our supply is very limited. Get yours today at The Country Shed.

Click the link below to view AK-47 Wood Stock Sets

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