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We have been in the hunting, shooting, tactical, and outdoor business for over 29 years and online for the past 20 years. The Country Shed has the outdoor supplies, rifle parts, and firearms accessories you need for every season, outing, & adventure.
Why Buy From The Country Shed?
We are a family owned, family run business in Pennsylvania and we pride ourselves in what we do and the products we sell. Our passion for the outdoors provides an in depth background and experience in shooting, tactical, hunting, camping, survival, and outdoor gear. We hunt, shoot AR’s & AK’s, shoot the mile with .308’s and a .50BMG, collect firearms, enjoy the sound of a steel plate at 1300 yards, camp, hike, cook fireside and with a dutch oven, and enjoy the outdoors. Our excitement about flintlock, archery, and rifle whitetail buck hunting cannot be overstated either. 
Many of the products we sell are used in our daily lives, on the range, or in the field. The obsession started early with our first hunting season as kids. An M1 Carbine and a 1911 pistol purchased from DCM (Director Of Civilian Marksmanship) in the 1960’s piqued our interest in old military rifles and pistols. Several 1903 A3 rifles are our pride and joy, shooting open sights at 500 yards at steel plates. We have hunted large and small game throughout our lives with rifles, shotguns, and revolvers. We have hand loaded most every round for target practice and hunting. We own a Colt AR-15 that was brought into the family back in the 80’s before they were anything near common. An AK-47 followed shortly afterwards and then came the SKS rifles, greatly increasing our knowledge of semi auto firearms. With the semi autos came the Dillon Press to turn out large amounts of quality ammunition. 

When a new product comes in the door, there is always one open somewhere in the building being examined or installed, making sure that what offer is of utmost quality. We like to "play" as much as you do! 
How Did The Country Shed Get Started?
  We have been selling outdoor products since 1994. We started at gun shows, outdoor events, and flea markets  selling scope mounts, scopes, lasers, flashlights, vertical grips, and other tactical gear for the AR-15, SKS, AK-47, M14, and shotguns. These products are still our best selling items today.  We then moved online with our own website in 2003 and grossly expanded our product line. We build and update our own website, trying to make it the best we can while offering products of quality and interest. 

We do not have a brick and mortar storefront. We work directly from our website shipping all orders. Our complete online catalog is available at your fingertips. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us via email with detailed product info.
Caring Customer Service = Quality Products and Superior Service
Online shopping is becoming more and more popular with many companies popping up overnight. We have been established since 1994 and have substantial knowledge of how our products work and just how fun it is to use them. We started this business because we liked the industry, products, and already had an extensive background in shooting and hunting. We are not new to the business or industry.
In addition, your orders are handled personally and not shoved through an automated machine. We take pride in each order and strive to give you the best products and service in the industry. Sometimes you can even find something extra in your package as a thank you for your patronage. 

We strive to provide as many products that are Made In The USA as possible. We do provide products made elsewhere to complete a line, complement a product, or to provide other offerings.

When you email us, your email is answered by our staff, not an automated response or artificial intelligence. We at the Country Shed think this is extremely important. This About Us section was also written from scratch by our family and is not a form letter, from a template, or written by an outside company. It is about us, composed by us!

Website Upgrades
In May of 2018, we launched our new website updated with many new, current features that our original website did not have. The new shopping cart streamlines your ordering process, making checkout faster and easier for you, which includes the ability to create a user account. We also use Authorize.net for added security of your credit card information. Your credit card numbers go straight to Authorize.net and The Country Shed never has access to your credit card information beyond the last four digits of your credit card and expiration. 

In January 2020, we relaunched our newly updated site with easier navigation, drop down menus, and a menu that stays at the top of the screen for easy access to navigation no matter where you may be on any page. This new site is also mobile friendly with fast load speeds for ease of use and easy to view from your mobile device whether it be a phone or tablet. Who wouldn’t want that?

Browse Our Extensive Online Catalog Today! 
Our team is excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience and remains available to assist you if you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the content found within this website. Please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] and one of our experienced team members will get back to you.

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Personal Note From Our Family
Our family would like to thank you for shopping with The Country Shed and we look forward to serving you for years to come. Are you prepared?

Again, thank you for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.

Thank You For Shopping A Family Owned, USA Online Store!

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