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Adv Tech X1 AK-47 Pistol Grip in Black (Pistol Grip Only)

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Price: $26.00
Add a recoil reducing pistol grip to your AK-47 for more comfort while shooting with added accuracy and endurance.
Part Number: A.5.10.2346
Fits: Most stamped AK-47 receivers. Will not fit milled receivers, PAP M92.

X1 Recoil Reducing Pistol Grip
Ergonomic Design
Great for Shooters of All Hand Sizes
Sure-Grip Texture for Increased Control
Built-In X Series Recoil Absorbing Backstrap
Reduces Muzzle Lift
Eliminates the Felt Punch of the Recoil
Not Affected by Chemicals or Extreme Temperatures
Easy Installation
Includes Steel T-Nut and Steel Bolt
Scratchproof & Weatherproof
DuPont® Extreme Reinforced Polymer
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA
SEC922R: ATI products are manufactured in the USA and count towards compliance parts. Contact your local gun shops or shooting ranges for this and other compliance issues. 

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