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Amega Ranges M14 M1A Rifle Mini Scout Mount
Amega Ranges M14 M1A Rifle Mini Scout Mount

Amega Ranges M14 M1A Rifle Mini Scout Mount

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This scout mount allows you to mount a long eye relief scope to your weapon and also mount additional accessories such as a flashlight or laser. Made In The USA
Part Number: AMEGAScout5


Announcing the NEW AND IMPROVED Mini-Scout-Mount ™for M14-M1A Rifles.

We combined the proven features of our M-14 model Mini-Scout-Mount ™ with the SOCOM model, then shaved off 2.25 ounces and added more Picatinny top rail. Now the same model will fit both the Mil-Std M14 barrels and the newer production SOCOM style barrels offered by Springfield Armory, Smith Enterprises, and others.

This rugged aluminum and stainless steel unit bolts on with NO modifications and features a full-length Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail on top. Now you can mount a modern tactical sight system such as Red-dot/ Holographic sight or Extended Eye Relief (EER) scope which will give you the fastest target acquisition possible with this proven battle rifle. Yet the mount will not preclude the use of iron sights, or interfere with receiver-mounted scope bases.

Made in the USA


Amega Ranges Tactical Light Kit - Sold Separately

AmegaRanges scout mounts will accept 2 rails.Provides an easy way to add additional Picatinny equipment mounting rails to the Amega Mini-Scout mount. (Will NOT fit Ultimak scout mounts)

This accessory fits all models of the Mini-Scout-Mount™ allowing the shooter to quickly attach most makes of tactical flashlights, laser sights, IR illuminators, and other accessories.  It is easily installed on either side for right or left-handed shooters (or both sides for two accessories)  and in different positions for use of larger accessories. It is secured to the mount body with two screws and the wrench provided

It will NOT fit Chinese made barrels or "Loaded" M1A's with their medium-heavy or heavy barrels. All Stainless barrels are "Heavy" barrels, and will not fit.

The new, lighter M14-M1A Model accepts all of the Tactical Light Mount Kit ™ for quick and secure mounting of tactical flashlights, laser sights and other accessories.



NOTE: Chinese manufactured barrels LOOK like the US Mil-Std M14 Barrels, but are not the same dimensions. NONE of our mounts will fit a Chinese made barrel. Our mounts only fit US made standard weight barrel, but will not fit the "MEDIUM HEAVY" or heavier barrels.

Note: All Stainless barrels are "Heavy" and will not fit.

Make sure you order the right mount for your barrel. See the photographs to identify your barrel.


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