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Amega Ranges Mini Scout Mount Model 94 Winchester

Amega Ranges Mini Scout Mount Model 94 Winchester

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Details and Specifications

The Model 94 Winchester lever action carbine was the first truly modern scout rifle.  It is a light weight, easy to handle, compact repeater that fires a modern cartridge with respectable range and power.  It quickly became a favorite of outdoorsman of all walks of life and occupation, and remains one of the most popular firearm designs ever produced and remains in production.  Optical sights were still in their infancy when the legendary Model 1894 made its debut, and the rifle’s design reflects the dependence on iron sights of the day that were the norm.

The same characteristics that made the Model 94 a legend is contributing to the growing popularity in the current generation of scout rifles and is evident in the numbers of makes and models available in the market place.  Lightweight semi-auto and bolt-action carbines are available in a wide variety of popular and efficient calibers, making the newer scout rifles powerful and effective.  With the current plethora of modern sight systems having electronics, variable powers, and every imaginable combination thereof, scout rifles can be equipped with the latest technology to maximize their potential in the field.

The only thing that keeps the old Model 94 from being as effective in the field as these rifles of newer design is the inability to mount a modern sight system on a 94 without major expense and gunsmithing modifications.  Well that has now changed…..

Introducing the Mini-Scout-Mount-94!  This lightweight, bolt-on scope mount serves as the interface between the trusted and reliable Model 94 and state of the art modern sight systems.  NO PERMANENT MODIFICATIONS to the rifle or special tools are required to install this mount!  Positioning the mount and sight system in front of the receiver maintains the balance point for fast handling and leaves the ejection port clear for ease of operation.  Now you can use scout or pistol scopes, red-dot sights, or one of the many variations of tactical sights available.  You can also mount accessories like flashlights or lasers using the Tactical Light Mount Kit and a sling with the Quick Detachable Sling Mount Kit.

With the addition of a modern sight system and other accessories, the venerable Model 94 leaves nothing to be desired as a state of the art scout rifle.  In addition, your Grandpa might really get a kick out of taking his all-time favorite deer rifle back into the woods again.  With the  Mini-Scout-Mount-94 and a good scope he can enjoy hunting season again with his trusted Model 94 !

Made in the USA


Amega Ranges Tactical Light Kit - Sold Separately

AmegaRanges scout mounts will accept 2 rails.Provides an easy way to add additional Picatinny equipment mounting rails to the Amega Mini-Scout mount. (Will NOT fit Ultimak scout mounts)

This accessory fits all models of the Mini-Scout-Mount™ allowing the shooter to quickly attach most makes of tactical flashlights, laser sights, IR illuminators, and other accessories.  It is easily installed on either side for right or left-handed shooters (or both sides for two accessories)  and in different positions for use of larger accessories. It is secured to the mount body with two screws and the wrench provided

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