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Ring ring!...... Ring ring!

“Hello?” you mumble into your phone as you climb out of bed. “Hey, you want to go shooting at the range with me today?” your friend Joe asks you on the other side of the line. “What? Do you… do you even know what time it is?” You ask drowsily, staring out your window into the pitch black of early morning. The morning drowsiness in your head is pressing into your thoughts, making you want to go back to sleep. “I’ll take that as a yes, “Joe says, ignoring you. “See you in two hours!” The line goes dead. You stay sitting on the edge of your bed, deeply confused. “Range… in 2 hours…” You mumble, an immense tiredness keeping you from doing anything. “Wait… 2 hours?!” You snap your half shut eyelids open. “2 hours?!” Rubbing your temple, you stand up and stretch your back. “Well, I better get ready,” You say, motivating yourself to get your stuff. Then a thought occurs to you. "Wait, where is my stuff?"

Put on a timeline like that, many unorganized people will fail to get their things together, whether it be stuff for a shooting range, or your work uniform. That’s why The Country Shed LLC is here to help. Being disorganized can lead to disastrous results, which is what we are trying to fix. With just one small purchase from our store, you could be saved from catastrophe.

For people who use metal ammo cans to store their belongings, our magnets are a great way to keep your stuff in order. Each magnet comes with an organization word: “Shotgun”, or “9mm” being two of them. All you have to do is slap the magnet on the container, and you have instant organized storage. Along with that, we also offer a magnet with “Partial” on it, in case you need space to put stuff in on the fly- the magnet lets you know that it has room in it. And in case you don’t use metal ammo cans, stickers are available that serve the same purpose. No matter what kind of ammunition or supplies you’re trying to store, chances are we have a perfect match for you. To browse our extensive collection of ammo can magnets and stickers, please use the link below:

Ammo Can Magnets & Stickers - .50Cal & .30Cal

We also offer two designs that could serve another purpose: an American Flag and a First Aid symbol, both of which can be purchased as magnets or stickers. If you find yourself needing to organize things outside of ammunition, these are great options for you.

First Aid symbol (.30 cal can): Ammo Can Magnet First Aid (Picture)

First Aid Symbol (.50 cal can): Ammo Can Magnet - FIRST AID (Picture) .50Cal 

First Aid Symbol (Sticker): Ammo Can Sticker- FIRST AID (Picture)

American Flag (.30 cal can): Ammo Can Magnet FLAG (Picture) .30Cal

American Flag (.50 cal can): Ammo Can Magnet - FLAG (Picture) - Yellow Standard .50Cal

American Flag (Sticker): Ammo Can Sticker- FLAG (Picture) .50Cal

Tracer Ammo Can Magnet

From shotgun shells to incendiary rounds to a first aid kit, never have to search for your stuff again with our ammo can magnets and stickers. Next time you go to the range, don’t go to the hassle of bringing EVERYTHING because you have some of everything in your ammo cans.

Ammo Can Magnets For Long Term Storage

To browse our extensive collection of ammo can magnets and stickers, please use the link below:

Ammo Can Magnets & Stickers - .50Cal & .30Cal

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