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Brass Stacker Pistol Speed Loader
Brass Stacker Pistol Speed Loader

Brass Stacker Pistol Speed Loader

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Speed Loaders for various pistols to make loading easier and faster
Part Number: BU22ML, RM123ML (BBM22ML,RM123ML (M123D), WP22ML (RSR22ML), SSMOSML, RM123ML (SW22AML), WP22ML (SWMP22ML), WP22ML (P22D)

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Made in America magazine loaders are CNC from machined Non-Marring DuPont™ Delrin®. Easy to use ergonomic design. DuPont™ Delrin® is a High Performance Acetal Thermoplastic that is Tough, Stiff, Impact and Abrasion Resistant.  They carry a 100% Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty.

Please note that the BRASS STACKER™ Magazine Loader is a TOOL, and therefore requires a certain degree of practice to become proficient in its use. Always wear eye protection when using this product. DO NOT attempt to force a round down through the mouth of the magazine with the BRASS STACKER™ Magazine Loader. This may cause damage to your magazine.

Step 1: Place the BRASS STACKER™ Magazine Loader with the flange side down over your empty magazine allowing it to rest on the magazine followers slide button.
Step 2: Compress the magazines spring using the BRASS STACKER™ Magazine Loader.Step 
3: Insert round into mouth of magazine.
4: Repeat until magazine is fully loaded.

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