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Buffer Technologies PPSh-41 Recoil Buffer

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Price: $14.50
Buffers are an easy and inexpensive way to eliminate damage of critical components by preventing the metal to metal contact.
Part Number: PPSH41
The Buffer Technologies PPSh-41 recoil buffer will fit on all original
models as well as the new semi-auto version now being produced.  The recoil buffer simply replaces the existing buffer, but the difference is that our buffer is made of a polyurethane material which can take thousands of rounds without breaking down or coming apart like the original.  This 21st Century material replaces 1940's technology, which was all that was available when the gun was designed.

Since the original buffer was very hard the impact from the bolt was transferred into the receiver, but not with the replacement buffer! You will experience reduced felt recoil and better muzzle control, all this while lengthening the service life of the weapon. 

Installation is a breeze. You just need the usual tools for disassembly and in a couple of minutes you're ready to head for the range. You will feel the difference the first time you shoot it.

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