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Carlson's Benelli Crio Plus White Wing Dove Choke Tube

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Price: $52.00
Find the perfect pattern for competition, match, turkey shoot, or to bag your game of choice. Every choke Carlson's makes is backed by a lifetime warranty and is Made In The USA!
Part Number: 37508, 37509, 37528, 37529

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The White Wing Dove choke features Carlson's Exclusive TST (Triple Shot Technology) which results in reduced pellet deformation, denser patterns, and less flyers. The White Wing Dove choke is manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel and has been designed to produce the best patterns for dove hunters. For all ranges, when hunting doves we guarantee the reliability and performance dove hunters want and deserve. Available in Decoy (LM) or Extended Range (IM) all White Wing chokes are ported to help reduce recoil and muzzle jump. These chokes can handle steel, lead, Hevi-Shot, and TSS as some public grounds stipulate shot composition. As always Carlson's guarantees peak performance and user satisfaction.

Made In The USA.

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