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Carlson's Beretta Optima HP Extended Turkey Choke Tube

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Price: $48.00
Find the perfect pattern for competition, match, turkey shoot, or to bag your game of choice. Every choke Carlson's makes is backed by a lifetime warranty and is Made In The USA!
Part Number: 75008, 75028

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Carlson's NEW Beretta Optima HP (A-400) Extended Turkey Choke tube is extended and has a matte black finish.  It has a .680 constriction and can be used with any lead or Hevi-Shot load.  This choke is designed to get tight patterns with any turkey load regardless of size of the pellets.  This choke is backed by Carlson's Lifetime Warranty!

These choke tubes feature a longer parallel section allowing for less flyers and denser patterns over the targeted area.  These choke tubes extend ¾” outside the barrel eliminating barrel damage. These choke tubes have a knurled extension and a matte blue finish.  

*No Steel Shot Larger than #4 may be used in Carlson's Turkey Choke Tubes

Made In The USA.

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