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DPMS AR-15 5.56 Field Repair Kit

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Price: $25.00
The AR-15 5.56 Field Repair Kit from DPMS provides parts commonly used or replaced. Use this kit for replacement parts, upgrades, or your next scratch build.
Part Number: BP-01
AR-15 5.56 / .223 essential parts

Kit Includes:

LR-22 Trigger Spring
BT-07 Extractor
BT-08 Extractor Spring Assembly
LR-31 Disconnector Spring
LR-32 Hammer Spring
BT-03 Extractor Pin
BT-16 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
BT-14 Firing Pin
BT-05 Ejector
LR-26 Spring
BT-06 Ejector

Made In The USA

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