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Leapers AR-15 TriRail Tactical Carry Handle Mount

Leapers AR-15 TriRail Tactical Carry Handle Mount

Price: $19.00
Part Number:MNT-993TR
Fits the AR-15 / M16 Carry handle

• Creative Mounting Base with Thumb Nut to Sit and Lock Tight onto Any Carry Handle
• Clever Picatinny Tri-rails for Flashlight, Laser and Additional Accessory Applications
• Additional STANAG Dimension for Most Versatile Applications
• Ideal Height, Length and Spacing to Accommodate Most Versatile Applications
Allows for use of the original iron sights for aiming when installed, design may be low profile with special cutting, high profile with tunnel or clearance so as not to block the user's vision from the rear aperture to front post.

STANAG Dimension
Includes mounting base about 5 1/4 inch long, two through holes about 4 1/4 inch apart and proper clearance below the base for installing the classic STANAG styled scopes originated from Europe that are still popular now.

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 5.8 oz
Pieces: 1
Rail Type: Picatinny/Weaver
No. of Rails: 3
Length: 5.2 inch
Width: 1.7 inch
Height:1.6 inch

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