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Magpul 5.56 NATO Standard 3 Pack

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Price: $8.00
Magpul 5.56 NATO Standard 3 Pack
Part Number: PUL5.56
The original Magpul™ 5.56 NATO, designed for the M16 weapons System. Since it's release in mid 1999, the Magpul 5.56 NATO has been adopted by Police and Special Warfare units world wide. It is currently used by instructors at Gunsite Academy Inc., Surefire Academy and the Sigarms Academy" The Magpul™ is a thermoplastic loop installed on the base of a 5.56 (M16) rifle magazine. Through this loop and recessed rough gripping surface, it provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes. It's patented design (US Patent #6,212,815) allows for quick and easy installation and removal without compromising the grip needed to remain on the magazine during tactical situations.

Magpul™ offers a substantial tactical advantage within even the most limited budget.

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