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PRI MSTN QC Brake 5.56MM (223) black

PRI MSTN QC Brake 5.56MM (223) black

Price: $79.00
Part Number:05-0089B
The 5.56 MSTN Quiet Control Brake / Compensator has a system of ports to reduce the felt recoil and the climb of the muzzle and to the right. Brake has a black nitrite finish.

The QCB has been cut from solid stainless steel bar stock for greater resistance to heat and burnout. Specs: 304 Stainless .95" dia. X 2.05" long. Black Nitrite finish thread is 1/2"-28 The area over the threaded end of the brake tapers down to a .750" diameter. The brake comes with a selection of spacer shims to set the timing of the brake. The 3 holes should be at the 1 O'clock position when tightened into place. Tighten brake into place using a round screw driver in the 1st slot closest to the barrel.

Made In The USA

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