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SGM Tactical Saiga 12ga Shotgun Magazine

SGM Tactical Saiga 12ga Shotgun Magazine

Price: $29.00
Part Number:SSGMP1208. SSGMP1210, SSGMP1212

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Available in 8, 10, and 12 round capacities

SGM Tactical recommends the use of heavy loads in it’s 8 round mags only. Light loads can be used in all their mags regardless of capacity. When loading the mag into the firearm pull the bolt back and lock it into the open position by pulling it back and pushing up on the bolt hold open lever sticking down on the right side of the firearm. When the bolt is open you may insert the mag.  Make sure that after cleaning you lubricate the receiver. The Saiga 12’s like a well lubricated receiver so lubricate about every 50 to 100 rounds fired.

The Dupont™ composite/glass-filled polymer was specifically chosen by SGM Tactical to provide an extremely durable, internally slick, fast feeding mag that will provide years of service.  The springs are slightly longer to provide a more uniform pressure and are specially coated to provide smoother action along with resisting moisture.

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