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  5. S&K #1 Mark III Lee Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included
S&K #1 Mark III Lee Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included
S&K #1 Mark III Lee Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included

S&K #1 Mark III Lee Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included

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Price: $92.00
Add a receiver scope mount to you Lee Enfield or Ishpore with this Made In The USA mount!! Bring your vintage rifle into the present with a scope and improve your accuracy.
Part Number: 1370

Fits any manufacturer. Also fits Ishapore.

Adapter nut included allows use on Ishapore Model .308

Temporary Front and Rear Sight Removal

Some Wood Removal Is Required

Does NOT Include Scope

Does NOT Include Rings

#1370 Fits Weaver Rings NOT INCLUDED

All Mounts marked "S&K Style Rings" do NOT work with Weaver Rings

Made In The USA!!!

Didn’t think it was possible to easily put a scope and mount on your old Enfield or Ishapore without drilling and tapping? It is now with high quality, made in the USA scope mounts from S&K. These mounts are made with high quality materials and backed by S&K Scope Mounts. Outfit your old military rifle with a scope mount and long eye relief scope for better accuracy, longer ranges, more confidence, and more fun hunting or on the range!

S&K Scope Mounts LLC specializes in manufacturing scope mounts for ex-military rifles without the need for drilling & tapping. Now you can scope that rifle you didn't think was possible with over 100 Insta-Mounts & Scout Mounts to choose from. S&K Scope Mounts LLC supports American made. S&K manufactures all of their scope mounts here in PA with the best USA materials available.

For Instant Scope Mounting of Ex-Military Firearms. No Drilling or Tapping Required


The BEST WAY to mount a scope on your ex-military rifle. WHY?

-No major alteration to your valuable firearm

-No drilling or tapping of the ultra-hard receiver

-Handsome ruggedness

-Guaranteed to hold zero

-Low cost for a quality product made in the USA!

-Unmatched versatility

-Can be removed and/or reinstalled easily

-Fast service

-Made In The USA


1. Remove front part of stock from your weapon. Slip the band over the barrel behind the rear sight. Squeeze the band together and put the 6-40 screw into the band to hold it together. Now slip the special band back against the receiver stud. 

2. Put weapon back together, after first inletting slightly for the band as necessary. A Dremel tool works great for this process.

3. Place one of the wedge-shaped nuts in place in the clip slot of the bridge. The top of this nut should be even with the top of bridge with long part of angle to rear and down. Use the wide nut for .303 cal., the narrow nut for the .308 cal.

4. Place Insta-Mount base in place, making sure the wedge nut is correctly placed so that its front edge is behind shoulder provided on base bottom. Now place cap screw in place and tighten the assembly. Use CAUTION to be certain screw is entering the wedge nut properly. Elevation can be introduced by putting shims on top of bridge between slotted portion of base and top of bridge if necessary.

5. Place cap screw in place in counterbore on front of Insta-Mount and tighten, with hex key. Do not over-tighten.

6. The ring grooves or holes are spaced so as to permit virtually any scope combination to be used with your Insta-Mount base. You can now mount your Weaver rings or if you are using S & K rings, follow instructions on scope ring box

If, after you have completed the installation of the scope and mount, you are unable to remove the bolt from the gun because the bolt head hits the recoil projection on the mount, you have 3 options:

A. Grind enough material from the front edge of the bolt head to permit bolt removal. Ensure mount is securely installed before you check for bolt head clearance to allow for bolt removal. (The geometry of the mount changes slightly as it’s tightened). This will insure that any modifications you may have to make for clearance will be held to a minimum, & insure the integrity & strength of the mount. Remember in most cases you will not have to make modifications. However, if required, remove only the minimum amount of material necessary to allow for clearance. (You can take metal away, but you can’t put it back)

B. File enough material from the rear edge of the mount to permit bolt removal.

C. Remove scope and mount to remove bolt or clean from front following all safety precautions.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY – WARNING: Some products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more info, visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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