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  5. S&K 1903 A3 Springfield Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included
S&K 1903 A3 Springfield Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included
S&K 1903 A3 Springfield Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included

S&K 1903 A3 Springfield Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included

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Price: $90.00
S&K 1903 A3 Springfield Scope Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings- Rings NOT Included. Mount a scope on the receiver of your 03A3 for better long range capability.
Part Number: 1570

Fits a 1903 A3, NOT a 1903

Fits any manufacturer

Replaces rear sight

Bolt Grinding and Some Wood Removal Required

Does NOT Include Scope

Does Not Include Rings

#1570 Fits Weaver Rings NOT INCLUDED

All Mounts marked "S&K Style Rings" do NOT work with Weaver Rings

Made In The USA!!!

Didn’t think it was possible to easily put a scope and mount on your old 1903 A3 without drilling and tapping? It is now with high quality, made in the USA scope mounts from S&K. These mounts are made with high quality materials and backed by S&K Scope Mounts. Outfit your old military rifle with a scope mount and long eye relief scope for better accuracy, longer ranges, more confidence, and more fun hunting or on the range!

S&K Scope Mounts LLC specializes in manufacturing scope mounts for ex-military rifles without the need for drilling & tapping. Now you can scope that rifle you didn't think was possible with over 100 Insta-Mounts & Scout Mounts to choose from. S&K Scope Mounts LLC supports American made. S&K manufactures all of their scope mounts here in PA with the best USA materials available.

For Instant Scope Mounting of Ex-Military Firearms. No Drilling or Tapping Required


The BEST WAY to mount a scope on your ex-military rifle. WHY?

-No major alteration to your valuable firearm

-No drilling or tapping of the ultra-hard receiver

-Handsome ruggedness

-Guaranteed to hold zero

-Low cost for a quality product made in the USA!

-Unmatched versatility

-Can be removed and/or reinstalled easily

-Fast service

-Made In The USA

Instruction sheet for 1903-A3 Springfield #1570

The simple attractive and efficient design of this mount makes it ideal for the shooter who desires a fine mount but has little means with which to alter his firearm to accept a scope. To attach this base, proceed as follows:

1. Disassemble the firearm, removing the barrel and action from the stock.

2. Remove the bolt from the gun.

3. You do not have to remove the front sight, just the rear sight.

4. Install the special split receiver band on the receiver, forward of the recoil lug. Install 6-40 screw and tighten. The ring band is not designed to fit the front of the receiver tight as it is used on several rifles.

5.    Place the Insta-mount with dovetail portion of base against male dovetail on receiver. Locate the base evenly on the rear portion of the receiver so it is not offset to either side. Now place Dovetail clamp in place at rear of base and tighten securely with 5/8 long flat head screw.

6. Place the other 5/8 long flat head screw into the countersunk hole on front of Insta-Mount and thread it into the receiver band. Before reassembly of your Springfield, some simple modifications of your stock may be in order. Some inletting may be necessary under the receiver band area in your stock particularly where the band is screwed together. A Drumel tool works well for this. As the upper hand – guard will not be used, set this, with bands, aside or you can shorten the forearm of your stock. Do this by cutting off just forward of the band retaining clip on the right side of the forearm. Trim to suit your needs.   

7.   Install your scope on the gun before you replace the bolt. If the rear lens of your scope is not more than 1 ½ inches in diameter, you should be able to use your original bolt with the high     rings provided. The safe also can be used without modifications with the high rings. If the rear scope lens is larger you may need to alter the safe & bolt. When grinding your bolt handle be sure to allow enough clearance that the BOLT WILL NOT TOUCH THE SCOPE UNDER ANY CONDITION. If you find it necessary to replace your bolt with an altered one, be sure to have a competent gunsmith check the head-space.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY – WARNING: Some products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more info, visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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