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  5. S&K 1917 Enfield and P14 & P17 Enfield w/S&K Style 1 Inch Rings
S&K 1917 Enfield and P14 & P17 Enfield w/S&K Style 1 Inch Rings
S&K 1917 Enfield and P14 & P17 Enfield w/S&K Style 1 Inch Rings

S&K 1917 Enfield and P14 & P17 Enfield w/S&K Style 1 Inch Rings

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Price: $91.00
Add a receiver scope mount to you Enfield with this Made In The USA mount!! Bring your vintage rifle into the present with a scope and improve your accuracy.
Part Number: 1265

Also Fits 1917 Eddystone

Fits any manufacturer

Replaces rear sight

No Other Work Required

Does NOT Include Scope

#1265 Includes 1 Inch S&K Style Rings

All Mounts marked "S&K Style Rings" do NOT work with Weaver Rings

Made In The USA!!!

Didn’t think it was possible to easily put a scope and mount on your old Enfield or Eddystone without drilling and tapping? It is now with high quality, made in the USA scope mounts from S&K. These mounts are made with high quality materials and backed by S&K Scope Mounts. Outfit your old military rifle with a scope mount and long eye relief scope for better accuracy, longer ranges, more confidence, and more fun hunting or on the range!

S&K Scope Mounts LLC specializes in manufacturing scope mounts for ex-military rifles without the need for drilling & tapping. Now you can scope that rifle you didn't think was possible with over 100 Insta-Mounts & Scout Mounts to choose from. S&K Scope Mounts LLC supports American made. S&K manufactures all of their scope mounts here in PA with the best USA materials available.


1. Remove the threaded pin that the rear sight pivots on. It is located at the extreme rear of the action and has a slotted nut on one side, a screwdriver slot on the other. Be careful that this pin and nut is not lost or damaged as you will use it later.
2. Remove the rear sight.
3. Using screwdriver remove small screw that holds the leaf type spring. If possible, insta-mount should be installed with this leaf spring in place. However, should you find installation difficult, spring may be removed by sliding it out.
4. Clean all grease, dirt, etc. from action.
5. Place insta-mount between ears of action so that the small hole at rear of sight base lines up with sight pivot pin hole in action. Now slide the pin back in place. Do not tighten yet.
6. Next place special socket head cap screw in position at center of base and tighten securely!!
7. The set screw located just forward to the main hold down cap screw is simply a tension screw. Placed here to keep the mount tight at all times. Tighten this screw securely against the action.
8. Tighten the screw and nut at rear of base.
9. You are now ready to place the scope on your gun. Follow ring manufacturers instruction for this.

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