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S&K Carl Gustaf M94 Mauser Scout Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings - Rings NOT Included
S&K Carl Gustaf M94 Mauser Scout Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings - Rings NOT Included

S&K Carl Gustaf M94 Mauser Scout Mount -Accepts Weaver Rings - Rings NOT Included

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Price: $80.00
Carl Gustaf M94 Mauser scout mount will mount a long eye relief scope to the rear sight of your old military rifle. Made with pride in the USA.
Part Number: CG94

Scout Mount

Replaces Rear Sight

Does NOT Include Scope

Does NOT Include Rings

Fits Weaver Rings NOT INCLUDED

Made In The USA!!!

Didn’t think it was possible to easily put a scope and mount on your old Carl Gustaf M94 without drilling and tapping? It is now with high quality, made in the USA scope mounts from S&K. These mounts are made with high quality materials and backed by S&K Scope Mounts. Outfit your old military rifle with a scope mount and long eye relief scope for better accuracy, longer ranges, more confidence, and more fun hunting or on the range!

Check out S&K’s line of scout mounts available for ex-military guns! These mounts do not require any alterations to the rifle, just removal of the iron sights. A long eye relief scope (Not Included) is required for a scout mount. A nifty way to scope your treasured gun without drilling or tapping. S&K Scope Mounts LLC supports American made. S&K manufactures all of their scope mounts here in PA with the best USA materials available.

For Instant Scope Mounting of Ex-Military Firearms. No Drilling or Tapping Required


The BEST WAY to mount a scope on your ex-military rifle. WHY?

-No major alteration to your valuable firearm

-No drilling or tapping of the ultra-hard receiver

-Handsome ruggedness

-Guaranteed to hold zero

-Low cost for a quality product made in the USA!

-Unmatched versatility

-Can be removed and/or reinstalled easily

-Fast service

-Made In The USA


-Front and rear rings are interchangeable

-Ring studs mate to matching receptacles in bases

-BOTH rings bear against front of their respective receptacles (both absorb recoil shock)

-Trim in appearance, light in weight

-Precision bored – scope will not slip

-No knobs, bolts or other obtrusions to break or bend

-Fits any 1 inch scope tube

All S&K rings are fully machined out of solid steel bar stock, tumble finished to remove all burrs, and have a 3/8 Inch diameter stud that locks into a 3/8 Inch hole or slot in the base which provides windage adjustment. The rings are locked into position by tightening cooperative cone pointed set screws. The rings are precision bored to 1 Inch diameter and, being machined rather than extruded or stamped, form a precision fit that will not slip under recoil. They are nicely contoured and trim in appearance. S&K rings are tumble finished and blued to achieve a military-type dull or nonglare black finish that matches the black anodized Insta Mount bases. 

Instruction sheet for #CG94 Carl Gustaf 94 (1916) Weaver Scout

To install this mount, it is necessary to remove the rear sight from your 94. To remove the sight, push out the pivot pin & remove the ladder sight & spring under the ladder sight.

After removal of the rear sight please insert the special tapped nut supplied with your S&K mount into the slot that the spring came out of. Place the nut in the slot with radius on the base toward the rear. Place the bottom part of the S&K mount into the 3/8 wide slot at the rear of the receiver where the pin was removed keeping the front hole on the underside of the mount over top of the special tapered nut installed into the spring slot. Align the side holes in the mount up with the holes in the receiver. This alignment is critical to keep from cross threading the screw in the tapped holes of the mount. Put the two 4-40 x 3/8 socket head cap screws into the side holes that the pin was removed from but do not tighten. Put the 10-32 x 3/8 flathead screw down through the top of the mount & into the special tapped nut & tighten. Snug the (2) 4-40 screws. Do not make them real tight. Insert the10-32 x ½ socket set screw through the top of the mount & tighten (this screw keeps the 4-40 screws tight). Normally it isn't necessary to use thread lock on the mounting screws but if you do decide to use thread lock DO NOT use thread lock on the 4-40 screws.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY – WARNING: Some products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more info, visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

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