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Survive Outdoors Longer Survival Poncho

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Price: $11.00
Poncho for emergency use, backpacking, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, or bad weather
Part Number: 0140-6000

Always expect the unexpected weather. This wearable ultra-lightweight shelter makes sure you aren’t caught out in the rain or snow. Maintaining the highly visibility color of Survive Outdoors Longer, while keeping you warm and dry in almost any unexpected weather, our Survival Poncho is unlike any other.Mobility & Heat

In addition to heat reflection, in this poncho one can keep moving toward safety

Stay Warm

Reflects 90% of radiated body heat.

Legendary Durability

Heatsheets® fabric is waterproof and windproof

Group Size: 1 Person

Trip Duration: Multiple Days


Hiking / Backpacking

Alpine / Rock Climbing

Mountain / Road Biking

Urban / Family / Camping

Expeditions / Adventure Travel

Hunting / Fishing

Summer Camps

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