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Surviving Overnight Lost In The Woods
Your matches have gotten wet. Now they won’t work, and your stuck out in the cold trying to get a fire going. You can see dark clouds closing on you from every direction, lightning streaking across the sky, lighting it up. It’s humid, very humid, and your tinder pack that you had prepared is getting damp fast. You continue to try to light a match, but the humidity and dampness has prevented you from even getting a spark. Darkness is closing in on you as you start to panic.

You certainly don’t have enough time to make and use a bow drill; you’d be out in the elements for way too long. You need this fire to cook your food and dry out in this cold weather. There isn’t a single person within a 30-mile radius of you. No more matches, and no time. Suddenly, an idea occurs to you. Thank goodness you brought some flint and steel with you! You can use that! You brought a flint and steel! ... Right?

Unfortunately, matches aren’t the most reliable thing in the world. If exposed to enough moisture, they are rendered completely useless. This makes them a liability. But, there is another solution. Flint and steel. It has been used for centuries and is about one of the most reliable pieces of human ingenuity on the market. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they all serve one purpose: to keep you alive. Whether you call it a magnesium fire starter or flint and steel, it works the same: you strike flint against steel.

One such example of a great flint and steel is made by a company named Light-My-Fire. This company manufactures tinder kits and steel strikers that allow you to safely and efficiently achieve one of humanity's most taken for granted breakthrough. Made out of the most durable stainless steel alloy on the market, it provides durability and ease of use while also being extremely lightweight. Coming in with two color variants (Black and Orange) and with an added bonus of an emergency whistle, it is really a steal. The price, which is $17, is a bit more expensive than your average flint and steel, but that is because it is not average. Tested to last for over 12,000 strikes, it greatly surpasses any other brand in length of use and durability. Item #FSAR2-BLISTER-BLK, Item # FSAR2-BLISTR-ORG

Fire Starting With Flint And Steel

This handy survival product can be found by Clicking Here

Of course, here at The Country Shed LLC, we sell more than just the Light-My-Fire flint and steel as mentioned above. Other such brands that make flint and steels are: 

Coghlans -Looking for a simpler design than the one above? Or maybe you just want a cheap flint and steel to have just in case. Either way, this flint and steel, priced at only $7, is just right for you. It is less durable than Light-My Fire’s, but with the reduced price, it is still worth it. Item #1005
Flint And Steel Striker

The striker can be found by Clicking Here.

Gerber - This company offers you the flipside of Coghlan’s: They produce fire starters with more features. Priced between $12 and $21, the three models we have are all perfect in their own way. Looking for more than just a flint and steel? #31-002554 #31-000699 #0837BKS-B
Fire Starter With Whistle And Storage Compartment
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Other companies that sell Steel Strikers and flint rods are listed below. UTS offers a complete fire starting kit providing the basics for getting a fire started. #20-122999:
UST Fire Starting Kit
Fire Starting With A Flint And Steel
UST/Heritage: Click Here

Flint and steel is truly one of the most useful tools ever. When you need something simple just to get a fire started on your Scouting trip, camping trip, hike, backwoods trek, or emergency situation, look no further than The Country Shed. We have nice, compact fire starting kits as rugged as the rough outdoor country you are in. Whatever the case may be, the Country Shed LLC has got it, and you need it. Maybe you won’t ever use it. But, if you want to survive when you get lost, you need to be prepared. Don’t go in without your trusty Flint and Steel.

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