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Cold Weather Wilderness Survival
Today is gonna be a great day. Going hunting, way out at your secluded cabin for the weekend is awesome. For the past 5 years, you’ve been renovating a broken down cabin in the summer and using it in the winter during deer season. A soft snow has fallen overnight, making everything shine like a blank canvas. You reach into your cozy, heated lodge and grab your trusty deer rifle from a hook next to the door, and set off into the woods. If only you’d decided to look at the weather before you left. Soft snow crunches underfoot as you peer into the blindingly white distance. If only you’d just look up, as menacingly dark clouds approach from the South. If only you’d decided to stay home. Oblivious to the horrible storm that has been filling up everyone’s TV’s, you press on. Eventually, you reach your hunting spot and settle down for the day. 

Ten minutes later, the snow starts. At first, it’s just a light dusting, but soon develops into a blinding storm. The temperature plummets. Stuck between staying where you are or trying to find your way back to your cabin in whiteout conditions, you decide on the former. Despite the circumstances, you still have enough about you to know that trying to make it back in this impenetrable whiteout is suicide.

Despite all your layers, your body starts to shiver quickly. Your mind is starting to lose focus, giving into the panic. But you steer yourself towards organized survival, versus frantic attempts to survive. You swing your backpack in front of you, desperately prying at the zippers with numb fingers. Successfully hooking your fingers around both of the zippers, you pull the zipper open and start to rummage through the supplies that you brought with you. First, you come across your extra pair of gloves, so you slip those on. Then you continue to look for something useful. Extra ammo? No. Water? Not right now. A thermos of soup? Later. What about - hey, this will work! Brushing aside your game cleaning kit, you discover your lifeline. Pulling out a small, condensed package, you quickly open it up and pull out the object in question. Hope surges through you, as you realize that your chances of survival have just been increased 10-fold.

But what is this essential life saving object? Was it a flint and steel? Or how about an emergency blanket? Or what if it was just some air activated hand warmers? All of these, depending on the situation, would be extremely helpful to your survival. But, one of the most useful items that would all but guarantee your survival is the Emergency Bivvy. 
Emergency Bivvy

Built like a sleeping bag but having all the features necessary to be an emergency shelter, it is surely one of the more situational items for survival.
Emergency Sleeping Bag

These bivvys are light and very compact so they don't weigh you down or take up much space in your pack.
Bivys Are Extremely Compact And Lightweight
Primarily manufactured by Adventure Medical/SOL, these Bivvys come in sizes smaller than your average rolled up emergency sleeping bags making it small, light, and compact to carry. With different designs, such as the two person version, or the lite version, you can easily get a bivvy that fits all your needs. The prices of the bivvy’s, which are $21 (2-person), $35 (lite) and $39 (regular), are relatively cheap when it comes to having great quality and is well worth the price when your comfort or your life is at stake. The quality of the bivvys are priceless, in the sense that they breathe and don’t hold moisture while having the warmth that you desire. So, if you are stuck in a bad situation, an emergency bivy can mean the difference between comfort or catastrophe.
Say Warm and Dry With A Bivvy
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