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Tech Sights Mini-14 Sights

Tech Sights Mini-14 Sights

Price: $65.00
Part Number: MINI200R, MINI200, RR200

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See Pictures Above For Sight Details

MINI200 sight for the Ruger Mini 14 and Ranch Rifles. This sight upgrade for the 5800 models manufactured after 2005 and Ranch Rifles produced prior to 2005 adds a new dimension of adjustability to the venerable Mini 14 family of rifles. The new sight provides:

¨ All Steel Construction

¨ Easy Click Adjustments on Elevation

¨ Easy Click Adjustments on Windage 

¨ Standard .062 Aperture

¨ Optional Aperture Sizes Available with IRAS Aperture System

¨ Easy installation

¨ Replaces the fragile Fold Down Aperture on pre 2005 Ranch Rifles

¨ Adds adjustment ease to the 5800 series produced from 2005 to present

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