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TenPoint Acurope Crossbow Cocker With Case

TenPoint Acurope Crossbow Cocker With Case

Price: $48.00
Part Number:HCA-000-B-R
The Industry's First Compact, Fully-Retractable Rope-Cocker

The patent pending ACUrope is a revolutionary portable, retractable crossbow rope-cocker that cocks a crossbow like traditional rope-cockers on the market today – but that’s where the comparison ends. When the shooter is finished cocking the bow, the ACUrope’s draw cord completely retracts inside one of the two grips. Then, the grips dovetail neatly together to form a compact unit that the hunter can conveniently slip inside a belt-mounted holster or pouch. The unit’s slender draw cords, pound-for-pound, 15-times stronger than steel, are made of heat and abrasion resistant SPECTRA® 1000 fiber.

Clever, convenient, and user-friendly
Draws the bow accurately every time
Lightweight and affordable
No more dangling ropes or handles
Works on most crossbow brands on the market

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