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The Pistol Magnet

The Pistol Magnet

Price: $28.00
100% Made In The USA

Police Tested, Tested For Men & Women

Quick Draw for Fast, Easy Retrieval of Handguns, Rifles and Magazines

Revolutionary, Patented Design

Mount Anywhere in Home, Office or Vehicle

Won’t Scratch Your Firearms. The rubberized strip improves grip and prevents scratching or marring.

The Pistol Magnet™ is a revolutionary, patented design which provides an easy, new way to secure and store guns and magazines almost anywhere! It’s improved design provides a large surface area for better grip and easy removal. It provides easy, quick access to firearms and magazines to keep them within reach at all times. This is a super strong, easy and effective solution for mounting guns and magazines.

The Pistol Magnet™ has a strong hold for country, dirt or bumpy roads and is easy for men, women or tactical use. It’s improved design lessens the possibility of dangerous gun spin. Other Gun Magnets can be too strong, causing pinching and making it too hard to remove your firearm when needed.

The Pistol Magnet™ can be used under shelves, desks, nightstands, closets, besides, above doors, walls, in gun safes to replace pockets or pouches, or even in cars and trucks. The rubberized strip improves grip and prevents scratching or marring.

Simple Installation. All mounting hardware included. Made with Super Powerful Rare Earth Magnets. Design doubles for use with Firearms or Magazines. Use 2 for rifles, shotguns, or other long guns. NOTE: May not work with non-ferrous materials (not containing or consisting of iron).

Size: 1/4 inches by  1-1/4 inches by 5-3/4 inches

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