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Thread Protectors From Backup Tactical

Posted by TCS on 3/6/2019 to Product Spotlight
Backup Tactical Thread Protectors

Silencers and muzzle devices are all the rage. When you don’t have something threaded to your barrel, what is the best way to protect your threads? Backup Tactical has a line of custom thread protectors available in a number of threads, designs, colors, and patterns. Their thread protectors give your pistol or rifle that custom look you are after, while protecting your threads at the same time. There are so many colors and designs to fit your rifle, pistol, and your personality. Protect your threads and keep them clean from dirt and residue. 
Pistol Thread Protectors
Available In:

1/2 X 28 Pistol (9mm & 22LR US) 
13.5 X 1LH PISTOL (9MM & 22LR METRIC) 
.578 X 28 (45ACP US) 16X1LH (45ACP METRIC) 

1/2 x 28 RIFLE (223, AR-15, 22LR) 
5/8 X 24 RIFLE (30CAL, 308, 300BLK, AR-10, AR-300BLK)

Accessories For Threaded Barrels

Backup Tactical has introduced two new colors -Red and Blue.
Blue Frag And Red Frag Thread Protectors

-Protects the threads on a threaded barrel when a muzzle devise is not in use.
-Match the gun color or personalize with your own color and design.
-Constructed from the strongest firearms grade aluminum alloy.
-This alloy is not only strong, but it's light weight to keep unwanted ounces off your gun.
-Each individual Thread Protector is machined using the absolute latest CNC machines and techniques.

Made In The USA

Find the thread protector for your pistol or rifle at The Country Shed.

Click the link below to view the full selection.



Rick miles
Date: 3/14/2019
Does your red, white and blue flag style thread protector come in 5/8” x24
The Country Shed
Date: 3/15/2019
Unfortunately, that design is not available in the 5/8X24. Thank you for your interest.

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