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Backup Tactical makes quality replacement barrels for you Glock 17 and Glock 19 pistol in both standard and threaded. Use a threaded barrel to attach accessories such as a silencer or thread protector. 

Backup Tactical produces barrels in SMALL BATCHES so they can focus on machining each barrel to the most exacting standards and tolerances in the industry. The result is MATCH GRADE ACCURACY and a PRECISE DROP-IN FIT. Accuracy and fit are paramount, but their parts have to look cool too.

Glock Threaded Barrels

Backup Tactical uses cutting-edge finishes that guarantee extreme durability AND the custom look our customers want.

Backup Tactical barrels are AISI 416 stainless steel, pulled broached rifling SAAMI Spec 9mm, & twist 1/16.

Barrels for A Glock Pistol

Backup Tactical uses the following Finishes:

SILVER – Raw matte Stainless
BLACK – PVD (It is the toughest and most durable finish we found in our testing)
FDE – PVD (It is the toughest and most durable finish we found in our testing)
OD Green – Birdsong’s Green-T (The PVD process as it stands cannot produce a Green color of any shade. Birdsong’s Green-T is the most durable Green finish we could find currently available in the industry).

Made In The USA

Click Here to view both threaded and standard Glock 17 and Glock 19 barrels.


Jason Spurlock

Date 12/1/2021

The Country Shed

Date 12/2/2021

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