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UltiMAK Scout Mounts

Posted by TCS on 2/11/2019 to Product Spotlight

UltiMAK Scout Mounts
Scout Mounts For the AK-47, Saiga Shotgun, M1 Garand, M14, Mini-30, & M1 Carbine

Rifle Scout Mounts For Long Eye Relief Scopes

UltiMAK scout mounts are the lowest, most stable and practical optic mounts available. Available for the AK-47, Saiga shotgun, M1 Garand, M14, Mini-14, Mini-30, & M1 Carbine. 

The forward positioning allows faster targeting with better field of view, provides more rail length, maintains full access to the receiver mechanism with optics in place, and will not interfere with case ejection. No need to remove your rear iron sight. Use of quick disconnect type scope rings allows you to revert to full functionality of iron sights while your UltiMAK mount remains in place. Check one out today!

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Scout Mounts for Many Popular Rifles

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