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AGI Colt .45 Auto DVD
AGI Colt .45 Auto DVD

AGI Colt .45 Auto DVD

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Price: $34.00
Instructional DVD's for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Gunsmithing courses and how to's for the shooting sport.
Part Number: X0064D 1014
Without a doubt the 1911 is a top choice as a personal defense weapon or for building the latest race guns, but not many people really understand how this locked breech single action auto works. We constantly hear from seasoned gunsmiths who, after watching this Armorer's course, admit "gee..., I didn't know that". Wonder why after you have added that latest trick gadget, your .45 isn't quite as reliable as it use to be? Invest a few minutes learning about feed ramp design, lock-up, loose breech and extractor fit. Then use Bob's simple techniques to tune your .45 for maximum reliability and performance. As in all AGI Armorer's Courses, you will see the inner workings of the .45 clearly demonstrated with a cutaway gun, as well as complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly, down to the last part. In addition numerous special repairs and a frank evaluation of popular accessories are also included. This course is a "must have" and is applicable to all makes, models and calibers of the 1911 ".45 Auto."

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