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Getting Kids To Hunt

When you have kids, you hope and dream of the day when you can take them into the woods with you on their first hunt. It can be a challenging task at times with kids since hunting involves quiet and patience. There are several tricks I have used................................................
Getting Kids To Hunt And Stay In The Woods Longer
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Surviving Lost In The Wilderness - Do You Have The Basics? Part 2

Your matches have gotten wet. Now they won’t work, and your stuck out in the cold trying to get a fire going. You can see dark clouds closing on you from every direction, lightning streaking across the sky, lighting it up. It’s humid, very humid, and your tinder pack that you had prepared is getting damp fast. You continue to try to light a match, but the humidity and dampness has prevented you from even getting a spark. Darkness is closing in on you as you start to panic. You certainly don’t have enough time to make and use a bow drill; you’d be out in the elements for way too long. You need this fire to cook your food and dry out in this cold weather. There isn’t a single person within a 30-mile radius of you. No more matches, and no time. Suddenly, an idea occurs to you. Thank goodness you brought some flint and steel with you! You can use that! You brought a flint and steel! ... Right????.........................
Life Saving Flint And Steel
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