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Stumped For Gift Ideas For A Sportsman?

Gift Ideas For The Sportsman

Is there that one person in your family that can become excruciatingly hard to shop for around the holidays? Every time you ask them what they want, do they talk for minutes on end but do not answer your question? Do you end up buying something that you think they will like and hope that they will? For my family, this person is........................
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Surviving Lost In The Wilderness - Do You Have The Basics? Part 3

Survival In Cold Weather
You reach into your cozy, heated lodge and grab your trusty deer rifle from a hook next to the door, and set off into the woods. If only you’d decided to look at the weather before you left. Soft snow crunches underfoot as you peer into the blindingly white distance. If only you’d just look up, as menacingly dark clouds approach from the South. If only you’d decided to.............................
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