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Tactical Brass Operator Mid Length AR-15 / AR 10 Brass Catcher
Tactical Brass Operator Mid Length AR-15 / AR 10 Brass Catcher

Tactical Brass Operator Mid Length AR-15 / AR 10 Brass Catcher

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Price: $236.00
Tactical Brass Operator Mid Length AR-15 / AR 10 / SCAR Brass Catcher
Part Number: OPMID

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Professional Grade Brass Catcher!

Operator Mid-Length - designed to be used on rifles with a measurement of 8.25” from tip of shell deflector to first picatinny rail groove on ejection port side.

Compatible with AR-15, DPMS LR308 type upper receiver with shell deflector/forward assist combination, & SCAR 16.

Not compatible with HK MR762, BELT-FED upper receivers AR platform rifles equipped with Magpul MOE handguards.

Tactical Brass Recovery’s AR15/AR10/SCAR 16 Brass Catcher – Operator MID Length is simply the best brass catcher for AR15s, AR10s, and Scar 16s on the market. Designed by and with the end user in mind, the TBR Operator Shell Catcher is feature driven, including 4 position detent 180 degree motion, gas venting, throw lever mount, and NO brass catcher related malfunctions.

TBR's 4 position detent feature allows 180 degrees of motion of the Operator Brass Catcher frame.  Allows the brass catcher to be moved out of the way to deal with hard malfunctions such as double feeds or failure to extract. Also allows a range officer to observe the safety condition of the weapon from a distance.  

Unlike others, our design requires NOTHING to be Unlocked (requiring extra time) for Operator brass catcher to be pivoted out of the way and chamber accessed.

Highest Capacity in the industry- up to 150-5.56 cases /75-308 WIN cases.

TBR design allows the brass catcher to be folded up and stored on the rifle space permitting.

TBR design allows spent gasses to vent upwards and away from the shooter instead of being bottled up and squeezed out toward the shooter.

Utilizes a true locking THROW LEVER MOUNT -no tools required for adjustment on both in-spec and out of spec picatinny rails.  TBR uses the highest quality mounts in the industry.

Minimal profile for cqb/aviation/maritime operations.

Unobstructed view of ejection port area with brass catcher in place allowing the shooter to make the “next decision” faster during a stoppage/malfunction.

No Extra Noise!  None of that annoying “box” noise…  Rigidly flexible design allows the brass catcher to absorb impact when encountering tight spaces during CQB.  Also does not create any resonance so you get none of that extra noise that solid aluminum or plastic boxes are known for.  Does not make noise when contacted by other objects like a branch or wall as you pass by. 

NO Brass catcher related malfunctions regardless of cyclic rate. (don't try that with your brass catcher).

Made In The USA

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