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The Ultimate Clip Loader - Clear
The Ultimate Clip Loader - Clear

The Ultimate Clip Loader - Clear

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Price: $25.00
The Ultimate Clip Loader allows to to load your pistol magazines quickly and efficiently. Made In The USA.
Part Number: UCL22-Clear
Works with:
Ruger Mark II, 22/45 Ruger Mark III and Hunter Browning Buckmark Colt Woodsman Mag. Series 3 Figures E, F Old Military High Standard Newer High Standard Stoeger Luger 22 Cal. AMT Lighting 


1. Slide open the Bullet Reservoir Cover and drop in up to fifty (50) 22LR cartridges. 

2. Close cover. Gently shake the Cliploader, keeping it level and the reservoir cover on top. 

3. Raise the reservoir end to slide the cartridges into the Loading Channel. 

4. Repeat #2 and #3 until the Loading Channel fills sufficiently. 

5. With the end raised, as in step #3, fully insert the Pistol magazine into the Cliploader. 

6. If it does not fill completely, “pump” the mag in and out slightly to assist the loading process. Some mags or ammo may only load 1 or 2 cartridges each time you "pump" the mag. (This type of loading action will still save your thumb and only takes a few seconds more.) 

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